Location: 0401 Three Arm Subsector
Bases: Imperial Consulate; Research; TAS
Trade Codes: Agricultural; Garden; Hi-Tech; Non-industrial; Rich

Traveller’s Aid Society Notes:
Law Level 3
Purchase of a ticket in the Heirbeer lottery highly recommended!

The idyllic planetary setting renowned for bacchanalian hospitality at Heirbeer has lead to the odd custom of requiring those who wish to “vacation” on Heirbeer to register for the lottery. Those who win are allowed a stint on the planet and those who have won say their is nothing like it.

Citizens of Heirbeer are afforded all the same benefits as guests. Citizenry can only be obtained after 2 productive terms of service to the Heirbeer commonwealth and Citizens are expected to continue service to Heirbeer as needed.

There are some rumours of Citizenry and guests experiencing personality re-programming, but nothing has been substantiated.


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