Location: 0507 Marte Subsector
Bases: Imperial Consulate; Research; TAS
Trade Codes: Hi Tech; Non-industrial; Water

Traveller’s Aid Society Notes:
Amber Warning!!!
Filter Required – High Levels of Carbon Dioxide
Law Level 0

Gilgamesh is the headquarters of Marte Industries. The Marte Industries research facility on Gilgamesh is considered to be one of the most cutting edge facilities in the sector. While there is no restricted contraband, security is incredibly tight at all Marte research compounds located on Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh is essentially a “neutral” free travel port.

The non-industrial trade tag refers to the trade practices of the locals on Gilgamesh. The Marte Industries facilities on Gilgamesh trade in anything and everything as part of the research that goes on here. However, without Marte sanction, a merchant can be black-balled throughout the subsector. A thorough understanding of the regional politics is advised when conducting business on Gilgamesh.


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