Location: 0802 Traget Subsector
Bases: Imperial Consulate
Trade Codes: Desert; Hi Tech; Non-Industrial

Traveller’s Aid Society Notes:
Amber Warning!!!
Vacc Suit Required – High Levels of Radiation
C’Methi experienced atomics contaminating the atmosphere with large amounts of radiation, and destroying most centers of population. Traveller’s are advised to take the necessary precautions when visiting the surface of C’Methi.

C’Methi was the regional capital and home of the Trimpe family. However, partisan zealots managed to secure and detonate a number of megaton nuclear devices during the Frunuan Rebellion. The rebellion effectively ruined C’Methi as a habitable planet.

Sonia Trimpe, a low ranking member of the Trimpe family, survived the attack (she was off-world). She has pledged the remainder of the Trimpe family holdings towards rebuilding C’Methi.

The Imperium continues to maintain a consulate at the C’Methi starport facilities. Rumour has it that Imperium officials are working at cross purposes towards Sonia’s rebuilding efforts.


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