Ament Prime

Location: 0507 Ament Subsector
Bases: Naval; TAS
Trade Codes: Hi Population; Industrial

Traveller’s Aid Society Notes:
Amber Warning!!!
Filter Required – High Levels of Carbon Dioxide
Law Level 9 – Weapons, data, & technology restricted. Offworlder’s not allowed without special permission.


Ament Prime is the homeworld of the Sonand family estates. The Sonand family are the local Imperial representatives (Count Jeffry Sonand being the current patriarch). The planet is used by the Sonand’s and Merideva Corp. as a planetwide manufacturing clearinghouse. The Sonands keep an ironfist on everything coming and going from the planet, utilizing a “Brave New World” approach to pacification.

Traveller’s are strongly cautioned against planetside activity, however portside trading can be quite lucrative. Those found planetside without proper registration are bound by law under Imperial authority. Typical penalties range from permanent hard labor to execution.

See New Alexandria

Ament Prime

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