1125 Herschelii

Location: 0310 Ament Subsector
Bases: Research; TAS; Scout
Trade Codes: Garden; Rich

Traveller’s Aid Society Notes:
The native population are a race of cetacean like “mer-folk” called the Basilios. Sea life is extremely abundant. Traveller’s are recommended to take in the Basilios under water opera – it is said to be extremely beautiful and haunting. Obviously, those species without gills will require alternative breathing methods (Scuba, etc.).

1125 Herschelii is on the edge of the Ament subsector space, making it more of a getaway destination rather than an important subsector hub. The natives are quite pleased to be considered a recreational backwater as they prefer not to be involved in the hub-bub of Imperium politics. Fugitives often mistake 1125 Herschelii for a safe port – the natives are quick to call in Imperium agents rather than be entangled in any funny business.

Frozen sea-food is a huge export out of the system. Free traders doing business here are recommended to have adequate ship board facilities if they hope to make a profit transporting such goods out of system.

1125 Herschelii

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